HERITAGE HOT SEAT:  Sunday Times editor Mondli Makhanya photographed on the Sunday Times centenary bench outside Johncom House on Biermann Avenue, Rosebank, in 2006. This practical, public artwork was made by Theresa-Anne Mackintosh, as one of 35 street memorials on our countrywide heritage trail   PICTURE: DEBBIE YAZBEK © SUNDAY TIMES 

The Sunday Times Centenary 

February 4 1906 — February 4 2006 
To mark its 100th year of publication, the Sunday Times embarked on a project to erect a trail of memorials to some of the remarkable people and events that made our news century. We wanted to show how quickly news becomes history. We wanted to think in fresh, imaginative ways about our past, shared and separate, painful and proud. We wanted to add a stitch to the fabric of our streets and communities. The story of what happened starts here.

No more big men on bronze horses

BIG MAN GOES BUST: Johannesburg Central Police Station, September 1997. PICTURE: TREVOR SAMPSON © SUNDAY TIMES

Travel back in Time 

Inside the stories of the people and events that shaped our history 
Thanks to our partnership with the SA History Archive, we’ve gone down to the dusty stacks and found numerous rare documents from the public and private lives of our featured newsmakers. Discover the personal, poignant and often chilling inside stories of some of the century’s defining moments; read the letters, police records, doctors’ reports, diaries and poems that go to the heart of human history 

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» Heritage virgins come of age
Sunday Times editor Mondli Makhanya discovers how much our memorials mean to the communities that helped us bring them to life

» How it all began
On March 9, 2006, our first memorial — a playful statue of Brenda Fassie — was unveiled. Charlotte Bauer explains the thinking behind the project

» Who says history’s boring?
Oliver Roberts reviews our site and finds a multimedia must-have for anyone who didn’t pay attention in history class

» Public art meets history’s heart
Memorials can be many things, so why did we ask contemporary local artists to make ours? Lesley Perkes and Monna Mokoena explain

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A selection of images and caption stories from the pages of the Sunday Times, from 1906 to 2006
» Audio Archive 
Radio 702’s Jenny Crwys-Williams focuses on the Heritage Project
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How to get to the memorial
In this TV clip, Summit finds out what the Heritage Project is all about.
The first of a three-part documentary that looks at important moments in the history of the Sunday Times